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Run, hunt, and raise a family as a Cheetah in the hostile African savanna. Prepare for epic battles against predators and huge creatures in an open-world environment.

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Step into the untamed African savanna and immerse yourself into the life of a Cheetah! Delve into a sprawling grassyland bursting with untamed beasts of every shape and size. Hunt down prey, nurture your family and fend off danger from fierce predators like lions, crocodiles, and hyenas!

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The game features advanced realism, where you must not only keep a check on your health but also on your hunger, thirst, and energy if you intend to survive in the African wild.

Dash through the vast savanna at incredible speeds, leaving your enemies trailing behind in awe of your blazing speed!

Engage in epic battles, harness your sharp claws, swift movements, and lethal pounce to take down prey and intimidating exotic animals with vicious attacks.

Form a cheetah pack of your own. Find a mate to bond with and bring up your own family of cheetahs. Witness your cubs grow and mature as they support you to fight the odds!

Advance your cheetah by accumulating experience through devouring prey and defeating foes, thereby increasing the health and attack damage of your cheetah. Also, unlock new abilities that suit your need!

Refer to your trusty Cheetah Survival Guide for intel on the enemy wildlife, an all-detailed map of the Savanna, cheetah customizations, and so much more!

Dominate the enormous 3D open-world environment, large enough that it's double the size of the previous simulators!

Brand new innovative controls have been implemented to navigate your animal like never before. Experience pinch to zoom in and out, play the game from your cheetah's viewpoint or take a bird's eye view and oversee the action!

Discover 18 unique species native to Africa, such as elephants, hippopotamuses, wild boars, gazelles, zebras, pythons, rhinoceroses, and many others, all in one simulation game!

Captivating high-definition graphics that virtually transports you to the savanna's grasslands with its beauty. Choose from various Graphics Quality options to tailor the game to your preferences!

Looking for a more realistic combat experience? With adult consent, activate the optional blood effects for a thrilling video-game immersion.

As always, our game comes with a severe gluten-free promise. Our games are entirely ad-free, with no additional purchases or missing items!

Download the Cheetah Simulator now and live the life of the swiftest mammal on earth!

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Release date
Oct 12, 2014

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