Charlie in Underworld!

Charlie in Underworld!

Buff Studio Co.Ltd.
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Game overview

Explore the darker side of the underworld and help Charlie find their memory with the help of unique ghosts in this chat-based adventure story game.

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Welcome to the Underworld Office, a place where the living and ghosts coexist. The protagonist, Charlie, wakes up in this mysterious underworld with no recollection of their past. To recover their memory, they must seek the aid of a group of eccentric ghosts known for their distinctive personalities. However, things don't take the expected turn.

Experience a more mature aspect of Underworld Office in this visual novel, story game. Witness Eugene's growth and get to know Charlie's unique story through this chat-based adventure game, where your choices steer the narrative.

This game features a grisly yet touching story, with an easy-to-follow interface that offers simplistic gameplay through tapping on your preferred options. The art style and writing are reminiscent of light novels, adding a layer of mystery to the game. Delve into Underworld Office's one-of-a-kind world, akin to Undertale, and interact with the game's lively cast of characters.

Uncover various endings and unlock achievements that encourage replayability. If story games, ghost games, and visual novels are your jam, this game is a must-play! Discover ghosts with varying temperaments, from the adorable to the cantankerous, and take part in solving their intriguing puzzles.

This game is designed to be choice-based, so no playthrough is alike! If this game piques your interest, you'll also enjoy other offerings from Buff Studios such as 7days. Escape the mundane with Underworld Office, a game that caters to lovers of fantasy stories and light novels with an extra dose of emotional depth.

If you're in the market for a free, indie, and relaxing game that delivers on its promise, look no further than Underworld Office. Unearth the secrets of the underworld and relish in its charm while providing comfort for those who feel adrift.

Reach out to in case of any bugs or suggestions. Share this game with your loved ones to help Buff Studios produce even better story games and mystery games. Your support means the world to us.
Buff Studio Co.Ltd.
Release date
Jul 11, 2022


Skich_User_15470from Skich app
i love this game and i like the adult eugene he' sso cute and handsome at the same time...

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Charlie in UnderworldBuff Studio
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