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Caves of Lore

Red Plume
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Game overview

Caves of Lore is a pixel-art fantasy CRPG with tactical combat, vast character options, enviro-exploration, and a massive array of items and enchantments.

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Delve into a world of fantasy with Caves of Lore, a turn-based, pixel-art CRPG that offers a unique blend of environmental exploration and character interaction alongside thrilling, tactical, grid-based combat.

With a party capable of holding up to six characters, the game offers an incredible variety of gameplay possibilities. Discover the power of over 65 spells, 65 abilities, and 65 traits as you engage in fierce battles with over 50 different kinds of monsters. Interact with over 40 NPCs and undertake more than 30 challenging quests across 20 distinct areas, each with its own unique challenges. Collect an astounding array of hundreds of different items, and make use of tens of thousands of different enchantment combinations to craft truly powerful items that will help you emerge victorious against your foes.
Red Plume
Release date
Jan 19, 2023
Single player


Skich_User_27482from Skich app
One of the best cRPGs available on mobile....

Gameplay & Streams

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