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Game overview

Raise and interact with adorable cats in a peaceful forest, cooking delicious soup and dressing them up in costumes, perfect for relaxation and idle gameplay.

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🐾 Welcome to the world of adorable felines! 🐾

🎮 This game has been selected as one of the TOP3 games at the 2021 Google Play Indie Games Festival! 🥉

Looking for a cat-themed game? Say hello to our cute cat squad who reside in a serene forest, brewing delicious soups! 🌳🐱
This idle game is perfect for cat parents seeking a relaxing adventure, filled with fluffy meow-tastics! 🐾

🐾 Cartoon Illustration with Unique Cat Personalities 🐾

Our feline friends have never been cuter! From Ragdoll to Siberian and even British Shorthair, each cat has its unique personality and looks that are brought to life through beautiful cartoon illustrations. Stroll in a forest straight out of a fairytale, and fall in love with their fluffy charms. 🌟

🐾 Interactive Cats with Customizable Outfits 🐾

Deck your cats in all the latest fashion trends, including hats, accessories, and clothes. Take pictures of your cute companions and receive hearts by feeding them with fish caught during a mini-game. Plus, now you can customize them with cute names too! 🌸

🐾 Relaxing ASMR Sound Effects and BGM 🐾

Immerse yourself in the calming sounds of cat cooking and preparing ingredients while you enjoy a peaceful experience. Add a touch of your preferred background music and let the purring sounds take your mind off things. 😌

🐾 Easy and Fast Animal Tycoon-style Gameplay 🐾

The cats carry out their tasks while you're not playing, making it easy to start where you left off! Collect resources, discover new recipes, and construct new facilities to impress your cat friends while using your tycoon and animal restaurant skills to gain an edge. It's an ideal cat game for tycoon game and animal restaurant game enthusiasts!

🐾 Who should play this game? 🐾

🐱 Anyone who loves cats and wishes to raise virtual felines.

🐱 Cat moms and dads looking for a bigger family of fur babies.

🐱 Busy students or working individuals who want to take a relaxing break. 🕰️

🐱 Cat-lovers searching for cute animal-themed games or cat-themed games.

🐱 ASMR fans looking for soothing games, idle games, or roleplay games. 🎧

🐱 People who can't get enough of saying "Cats are adorable!" ❤️

🐱 Individuals who can't resist pets and always stop to pet cats on the street. 🐾

🐱 Fans who enjoy pocket camp games such as Animal Crossing. 🏕️

🐱 Tycoon game aficionados with super-fast clicking abilities in restaurant games or food games. 🎯

Don't be the only person without a cat! Join us today and meet your purrfect feline friends! 🐾🐾🐾
Release date
Oct 12, 2021



Класная убивалка времени

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