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As a protagonist in Cateau, your mission is to rekindle your friend's life by befriending three cats with distinct personalities across the streets of Paris.

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Cateau is a captivating visual novel game set in the romantic city of Paris. Unlike typical games, it explores the idea of friendship and the true meaning behind it. As the protagonist, you discover that your roommate and best friend, Roselle, is not in the best shape and is in need of your help. You take it upon yourself to lift up her spirits by indulging in one of her passions, which happens to be cats.

As you stride through the charming streets of the City of Love, running errands and enjoying the scenery, you come across three completely distinct felines. Each cat possesses a unique character, and it is up to you to unravel their personalities and determine what will bring your friend back to health.

The game is packed with various and diverse endings that make every decision you make have a considerable impact on the outcome. There are numerous options to choose from, from mundane tasks to more significant choices, giving the game a realistic feel.
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