Cat-o-Rama: Tycoon Theme Park

Cat-o-Rama: Tycoon Theme Park

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Game overview

Run a theme park for cute cats, expand and manage it wisely, and become a tycoon in Cat-o-Rama. A challenging yet fun idle game.

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Have you envisioned yourself as the master of the most amusing and entertaining amusement park? Here is your opportunity to take charge of a theme park that caters to adorable feline creatures and amass a fortune as a tycoon!

Commence by working on a modest-sized version of the park before expanding it tremendously. Unlock newer sections and create an extraordinary recreational sphere for your esteemed guests, kittens and cats alike. Exercise diligence while managing the pool area, carton box arcade, and robot vacuum cleaner facility to generate revenue for the park.

Introduce fresh spaces and categories of activities for the cats to avail themselves of. Build additional playgrounds or entertainment regions and purchase more paraphernalia for them to interact with. Plan marketing campaigns to attract more guests to the park and provide them with an unparalleled experience. Extend the parking amenities to accommodate a greater number of fuzzy clients.

You will be responsible for the well-being of all the cats that visit your establishment! Keep them entertained, engaged and provide them with cozy spots to take a break. Ensure that the patrons feel welcome, comfortable, and content. Take feedback from visitors seriously to enhance the theme park's quality.

Embrace the role of a leading tycoon and employ new workers, improve recreational zones, and regulate every aspect of the business. Will you invest funds to enhance the park's infrastructure, or will you offer bonuses to the employees to motivate them? Make crucial decisions to grow your amusement park corporation.

If you fancy management and idle games, then Cat-o-Rama is the perfect game for you. A game that is deceptively easy to play but challenging to master. Starting with a humble theme park, your potential to transform it into the most entertaining idle park in the world is unlimited!

Host cute cats and upgrade your park corporation in this amusing and unassuming idle game!
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Release date
Jan 27, 2023
Single player

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