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Defend against angry peasants in this absurd Tower Defense game. Use spells and objects to survive and compete for high scores. #Castleclysm

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Step into medieval times and embark upon a journey of drama, comedy, and chaos in Castleclysm, a unique Tower Defense game that takes you through many tales. You will witness an insolent King, grand Castle, angry peasants, and the out-of-place Magic Casters in bizarre situations. Playing as one of the Magic Casters, you must defend yourself against mobs of angry peasants who wish to destroy the Castle with you inside. It's castleclysm, and you must do everything in your power to survive the perpetual mayhem!

This action-packed game offers you the chance to utilize the Castle's very objects for defense, from treasure chests to chandeliers, to even the King's throne! Alternatively, you can conjure crowd control spells that sweep the hall clean of various types of intruders that want you gone! Be prepared to deal with an army of villagers, goblins, elves, dragons, and more, each with their own unique tactics for siege.

To tackle difficult foes, you must collect mana shards to cast distinct spells. You can drop an anvil to stun groups of intruders, raise an ice wall to slow the crowd, or employ various crowd-controlling spells to watch the intruders flee in terror! You will also have access to spell-scrolls, magical accessories, and consumable alchemic items to upgrade your character and add extra spells to your already extensive arsenal of chaos.

In Castleclysm, intruders will do anything to get to you; they are cunning and desperate. You must utilize your objects and spells shrewdly as a simple blunder may have far-reaching consequences for your strategy. Your abilities will be tested, and you must be crafty and resourceful to survive!

Play as different magical characters, each with their own dramatic tale, and master their unique skills to tackle the leader board! With its humor, drama, and madness, Castleclysm is a Tower Defense game like no other.
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Nov 06, 2014

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