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Castle War: Idle Island, a PvP battler. Build and defend your castle with troops, siege weapons, and magic. Challenge friends to show off better strategy.

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Castle War: Idle Island is a multiplayer castle vs castle game where you can build defensive towers, craft powerful cannons, and hire skilled mages and mercenaries to invade your opponent's castle. Your goal is to become the ruler of the island by assigning missions to your village and building a formidable castle that aligns with your strategy.

You can lead your troops, including archers, swordsmen, and pikemen, to the enemy's castle to destroy their gate. You can also use a variety of siege engines, such as ballistas, trebuchets, catapults, and cannons, to knock down their towers and weapons and defend against their projectiles and troops. Powerful magic is at your disposal, allowing you to call down a meteor strike, invoke a black hole, and protect your towers with arcane shields.

Use wood, stone, and metal to design your castle's ramparts and towers, creating a unique and impressive structure. Your castle can be customized to suit your play style, whether you prefer magic towers casting devastating spells, a swarm of soldiers on the walls, or a barrage of spikes and stones crushing the opposing castle's defenses.

Visit the weapons workshop to upgrade your standard weapons into state-of-the-art pieces of engineering. You can increase the rate of fire, projectile damage, projectile speed, or durability of your weapons, making them even more efficient and powerful.

Challenge your friends in the game's challenge mode, where you can battle one another to see who has the superior castle. Prove yourself as the ultimate ruler of the island with your skilled tactics and strategic decisions.
PID Games
Release date
Feb 28, 2022


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