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Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal

Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal

Game overview

Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal is an accessible and realistic Pacific War wargame with 11 scenarios and powerful Japanese AI.

Introducing the new Carrier Battles App, now with improved graphics, sounds, and music to enhance your experience playing the game. This classic hex-and-counter wargame educates players about the naval-air battles that took place in the Pacific War during the years 1942-1943. The Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal includes both sides in the base-app, covering the history of the war in the South Pacific and Central Pacific. Pocket Tactics gave an outstanding review of Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal, stating that it's a realistic simulation that is fun and easy to play. This naval wargame has a great interface and retains its depth, making it an accessible game for players. Before the Japanese invade the Solomon Islands and other key points in New Guinea, you must find them and strike them down before they sink your prized aircraft carriers. The Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal is a solitaire game that includes a powerful Japanese AI. With a hex map having a scale of 30 miles per hex and 40 types of historical ships, warplanes, naval-air search, radar, and progressive intelligence gathering, this game is sure to keep you engaged. The advanced damage system allows players to hold invasion and carry out naval bombardments. There are 6 historical scenarios, including Coral Sea May '42, Bismarck Sea March '43, Santa Cruz Oct '42, Eastern Solomon Aug '42, Midway June '42, and Guadalcanal Dec '42. You can play the game in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese, and it does not require an internet connection to play against the AI. Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal also includes in-app purchases: you can play 2-players game over the internet, turn by turn, with the seventh scenario covering the landing at Bougainville and airstrikes against Rabaul in November 1943. The eighth scenario covers the evacuation of Guadalcanal by Japanese troops in Jan/Feb 1943, while the ninth scenario covers the US invasion of Guadalcanal in August 1942. The tenth scenario covers the US carrier raids against Japanese positions in Feb/Mar 1942 while the eleventh scenario covers the Japanese invasion of Wake in Dec 1941. Moreover, you can purchase SeaPlanes+ that covers the US raids against the Gilbert islands in September 1943 in a 12th scenario. The Advanced fog of war includes a 13th scenario where the Japanese are trying to invade New Hebrides in July '42. Players can also play Japan against US AI and explore what-if scenarios to test the effects of the most probable scenarios. The game usually lasts between 1 to 3 hours. Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey through history? If yes, then get the app bundle to migrate and contact the support if required. Please note that this is a frozen scope. Contact for support or further details.
Cyril Jarnot
Release date
May 03, 2016

Gameplay & Streams

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