CardSurvival: Tropical Island

CardSurvival: Tropical Island

WinterSpring Games Limited
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Game overview

Survive with cards on a deserted tropical island. Explore, craft, and manage character needs with realistic simulation and complex health and psychological systems.

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Card Survival: Tropical Island offers an immersive card-based survival adventure that will transport you to a tropical paradise, where you must battle for survival in a hostile environment. Developed by the creators of Card Quest, this unique game allows players to explore, craft tools, and manage their needs using a simple yet deep system of card interactions and combinations.

In this game, you can go from a starving castaway in rags to a prosperous island farmer, thanks to its tons of content. The game features a realistic simulation of a desert island, where you can track everything from body weight to calluses on hands and feet, and even your stool consistency. You can choose to play as a premade character or create your own by choosing perks that determine your physical and mental traits, skills, and starting conditions.

The game features a vast and diverse island to explore, with over 16 different environments, including beaches, jungles, grasslands, mangroves, and cave systems. You will learn to coexist with the various animals of the islands, including predators and prey, and even learn to domesticate and breed them. You will also discover the different culinary and medicinal uses of the various flora of the island and learn the secrets of how to grow it.

In Card Survival: Tropical Island, you won't have a single dull moment as there are plenty of activities to engage in. You can work on crafting different tools, weapons, clothes, and containers using materials such as wood, stone, copper, fiber, leather, and clay. You can also build a home and other structures from wood and mud, including animal enclosures, crop plots, and water reservoirs. You can roast, smoke, dry, and salt different meats, make your bread, oil, cheese, sugar, alcohol, and cook a range of recipes.

The game features a complex health system that includes foot and hand sores, back pain, sunburns, and bug bites that you can treat with protective clothing and multiple medicinal plants. You can suffer from sprains, fractures, abrasions, bleeding lacerations, and animal bites. You must wash and treat your wounds to stave off infection and promote healing. You can get fever, diarrhea, nausea, headaches, and rashes from the bacteria and parasites you catch on the island. You must feed yourself well and keep your morale high to help strengthen your immune system.

Notably, the game features a complex psychological system, including boredom, isolation, anxiety, depression, and spiritual or psychotic experiences. You can make imaginary or animal friends, entertain yourself with fun and creative activities, and achieve interesting mental states.

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WinterSpring Games Limited
Release date
Jan 19, 2023

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