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Cards out! Epic PVP battles

Game overview

Collect and battle with unique animated heroes and elements in dynamic card battles. Win rewards, upgrade cards, and climb the leaderboard to become the strongest.

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Enter the world of fascinating and dynamic card battles! Build your own unique deck and engage in fast and fun battles against other players. The vibrant graphics, colorful characters, and exciting gameplay of Cards Out are sure to captivate you.

The card battles are quick and easy to play in the Duels section. You can choose your opponents based on your strength and experience the thrill of victory. By winning battles and acquiring new heroes, you can upgrade your existing cards and purchase stronger ones in the store with gold. As your deck becomes more powerful, you can take on stronger opponents and secure more wins.

The game is based on four elements: Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. Each card corresponds to a character from one of these elements and inflicts increased damage to other elements according to ancient lore. Maintaining a balance of the elements in your deck is key to your success.

Every card represents a unique hero with its own element and strength. The higher the card's power, the more effective it will be in a battle. You can increase a card's power by absorbing other cards of the same element. The most important cards in the game are:
- Dragon breathing fire (fire)
- Orc shaman (fire)
- Fire witch (fire)
- Dwarf with a gun (Earth)
- Forest witch (Earth)
- Earth golem (Earth)
- Gin (air)
- Air elemental (air)
- Golden dragon (air)
- Junga Arya (water)
- Wyvern (water)
- Water elemental (water)

Winning duels comes with many generous rewards, including gold, experience, and cards with new heroes. Your collection will grow with your skill level, as you aim for the top spot on the leaderboard and new leagues.

Download Cards Out for free now and enjoy dynamic and thrilling card duels. Experience the real excitement and power of the elements!
Release date
Jul 28, 2023
Single player

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