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Experience an endless twist on solitaire with Cards Infinity. Match cards, build streaks, and compete for the top spot in the rankings.

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Experience the thrill of endless gameplay with a twist in Cards Infinity - the ultimate survival solitaire game. Burn through decks of cards, match them up, and build an unbeatable streak in this exciting card game.

According to TouchArcade, Cards Infinity is "phenomenally well-built" game with exquisite animations and dynamic piano sound effects that adds to the excitement of stacking up huge streaks.

Playing the game is simple: match cards with either higher or lower ones and keep building your streak. When you reach an impasse, you can swap out a card and watch your streak rebound. But wait, it's not as easy as it sounds. The longer you keep playing, the harder it gets. To get started, there is a detailed in-game tutorial. In the settings, you can also find a comprehensive online manual for advanced strategies and tips.

Challenge other players in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly rankings and aim to get the highest score possible. The top 20 players for each rank are displayed on the leaderboard, so track your standing as you count down and compete with other champions. At the end of each ranking period, the #1 player is crowned the champion and added to the all-time leaderboard for that duration. With nine spots on the leaderboard for each rank, becoming the top player of the day can put you up there for nine days while holding the all-time record for the year lands you a spot on the leaderboard for 9 years!

Check out your game stats and see interesting information such as the number of cards you have played, the number of rows you have cleared, and how much time you have spent playing the game. You can also view other players' stats from the top 20 players by tapping on their username.

Any questions, ideas, or suggestions? Get in touch with Ray at He is happy to respond within 1-2 days. Don't wait any longer, get your game on and start stacking those cards!
Release date
Jan 04, 2022

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