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Card of Darkness

Zach Gage
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Game overview

Card of Darkness: a minimalist adventure card game where you must finish what you start, defeat bosses, discover ancient secrets, and save the world.

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Embark on a thrilling tale handcrafted by the creative geniuses Zach Gage, Pendleton Ward, and Choice Provisions.

Venture across treacherous landscapes, vanquish monstrous beasts, uncover age-old mysteries, and save the world by carefully selecting the right cards.

Card of Darkness is a complete experience revolving around a simplified card game mechanism that is easy to comprehend.


After a long and treacherous trip, you've made it to the heart of Glinhorn Forest, standing at the edge of darkness. The people rely on you to be their champion, and you're more than ready.

Multiple decks of cards lay before you, each brimming with mystical items, magical potions, and formidable obstacles, with only the top card being visible, a mystery shrouding whatever lies beneath.

At times, the cards you come across may contain eerie monsters, indescribable treasures, or weapons essential to your survival. It's up to you to choose wisely, for once you've taken a card, you're obliged to complete the entire stack, uncertain of what awaits you underneath.

Each level is a progressively more difficult challenge that gradually unveils an ever-evolving puzzle packed with perilous decisions and tantalizing incentives, but you have nothing to fear.

It's nothing a seasoned hero like you can't handle.


- Traverse through 8 different worlds, searching for the eluding Card of Darkness.
- Defeat 5 intimidating and ancient bosses.
- Collect and equip 64 wondrous cards from the Deck of Darkness.
- Unearth over 150 unique weapons, monsters, spells, potions, and treasures.
- Participate in daily challenges and climb the ranks in the Chaos Realm.
- Conquer a secret, exclusive dungeon by finishing a Sunday challenge.


Over the past ten years, I've focused on producing profound, engaging, and accessible video games for people who lack the time or space in their lives to delve into the minute details of elaborate video games.

My aspiration is to amalgamate the best of contemporary video game design, packaging it in a clear, comprehensible manner so that players can indulge in new forms of games that they wouldn't have usually been drawn to.

For years, I've yearned to tackle roguelike games, where players must traverse randomly constructed worlds in pursuit of conquering formidable challenges. It's indisputably one of the most complicated, challenging, and yet, fabulous, game genres out there.

Card of Darkness is my endeavor to capture the essence of my favorite moments within roguelike games and incorporate them into a straightforward, yet, profound card game.

Expect a straightforward design combining a smorgasbord of gameplay elements- over 100 unique monsters, spells, and upgrades. Aesthetically speaking, Card of Darkness boasts alluring, visually stunning hand-crafted animation courtesy of Pendleton Ward, Nelson Boles, Andrew Onorato, and Evan Borja while featuring an outstanding score by Stemage.

It astounds me how privileged I feel to have worked with such an incredible cast of people to create this videogame, and I would've never achieved this masterpiece without the dedicated efforts of my team at Choice Provisions.

We passionately worked on Card of Darkness, and we hope you're eager as we are while playing it.

It brings me great delight to present Card of Darkness, an epic gaming adventure to you all.

Zach Gage
Release date
Sep 19, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Card of Darkness: Apple Arcade iPhone Gameplay Part 1 (by Zach Gage)App Unwrapper
"I CAN'T BEAT THE 1st LEVEL!?" - Card of Darknessphonecatss
Card of DarknessZach Gage
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