GamesCar Speed Racing - Idle Tycoon

Game overview

Build, expand and customize your car racing empire to dominate the competition. Upgrade and tune cars, manage repairs, and serve spectators in this high-speed tycoon game.

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🏁 Establish and Extend Your Car Racing Realm 🏁
Immerse yourself in the electrifying world of lightning-fast racing with Car Speed Racing - Idle Tycoon! Begin as a novice driver and evolve into a tycoon by devising and broadening your personal car racing realm. Personalize every twist and turn of your racing tracks to craft tough and heart-pumping experiences that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

🚗 Enhance and Tweak Your Race Cars 🚗
Accumulate a breathtaking assemblage of race cars, ranging from stylish sports cars to robust muscle machines. Enhance and fine-tune all the aspects of your vehicles, including engines, tires, and more, to obtain a competitive edge on the racecourse. Boost performance and speed to overpower the competition.

💥 Manage Wrecks and Repairs with Precision 💥
Racing is an exhilarating expedition, but it can also be precarious. Mishaps do occur, and it is up to you to get your treasured cars back on track quickly. Strategize repairs competently to decrease downtime and keep your drivers on the fast track to victory.

🍻 Content Spectators and Racers with Refreshing Drinks 🍻
Aside from racing, it is of utmost importance to maintain the energy and stimulation levels. Dispense cold and invigorating drinks to both the zealous audience and parched drivers to keep them in good spirits. Happy fans translate to greater profits, so ensure that they have a chilly beer or a delectable soda in hand while they support their favorite racers.

🏆 Rise up the Leaderboards and Substantiate Your Prowess 🏆
Engage in a face-off against rival tycoons from around the world in breathtaking races. Compete against arduous opponents, dominate every twist and turn of your tracks, and prove that you possess everything it takes to be the unrivaled car racing tycoon. Hit the pinnacle of the leaderboards and revel in the glory of your racing accomplishments.

🌟 Experience the Supreme Racing Tycoon Adventure 🌟
"Car Speed Racing - Idle Tycoon" amalgamates the thrill of high-speed racing with the strategy of tycoon management. It is a game that challenges your skills as a race organizer, tycoon, and entertainer. Assemble your racing aces, optimize your tracks, and transform into a force that cannot be stopped in the world of car racing.

Ready to accelerate and initiate your ride towards tycoon supremacy? Download "Car Speed Racing - Idle Tycoon" now and take the first step toward becoming the ultimate car racing tycoon! Rule the racetrack, deliver thirst-quenching drinks, and secure your place in the upper echelon of the leaderboard. Start your epic racing journey today!
Release date
Oct 01, 2023
Single player