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Captivity Horror Multiplayer

Captivity Horror Multiplayer

Game overview

Escape a secret facility as a test subject in Captivity. Beware of other aggressive patients in this horror multiplayer game.

Enter the nightmarish world of Captivity, a multiplayer horror game where you assume the role of a helpless victim trapped in a research facility that has gone terribly awry. For far too long, the malevolent corporation behind the top-secret government project has used you and your peers as guinea pigs for unspeakable experiments, and now it's time to take a stand. Your objective is to team up with other patients to find a way out of the facility before it's too late. But watch out, as the perilous halls are overrun with hostile patients consumed by rage and bloodlust. Be prepared to face your darkest fears in this spine-chilling environment. Captivity promises an immersive gaming experience filled with simple yet captivating gameplay that advances a disquieting story. The optimized graphics render stunningly authentic scenes that push the limits of what your PC can handle making it even difficult to make a run for it. These bloodthirsty enemies will prioritize their mission to stop you from escaping using every possible means, proving to be a formidable challenge in the face of danger. The hauntingly terrifying environment will leave you gasping for breath and the immaculately haunting sound design will make you want to entirely give up on life. The game features a simple yet disturbing narrative that will send shivers down your spine. Captivity offers players a one-of-a-kind experience where you are both the survivor and prey. Will you emerge unscathed or become the prey of the vengeful patients? Dare to enter the foreboding world of Captivity and find out!
Release date
Dec 27, 2022


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