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Captain Tsubasa: Zero - Showdown! Miracle Shoot

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Captain Tsubasa: Zero! Recreate famous moves in 3D. Collect characters from anime, create your own team, and relive popular storylines.

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Captain Tsubasa ZERO", a popular smartphone game based on the TV anime "Captain Tsubasa" that has gained attention from all over the world for its 2nd anniversary celebration.

■Fully reproduce anime's signature moves
The anime's famous signature moves such as Tsubasa Ozora's "Drive Shot" and Kojirou Hyuga's "Tiger Shot" are fully recreated in 3D with the same dynamic force! The character voices by the same voice actors as the TV anime also enhance the game's world view and make matches more exciting!

■Revive the iconic moments of TV anime in Scenario Mode
Recreate the TV anime's story by forming your unique dream team and progressing through the scenarios! In Scenario mode, you can also enjoy Jr. Youth's story after the TV anime's final episode!

■Create your Original Team
Create your one and only team with your favorite players, famous signature moves, and formations that suit your tactics!

■Football Japan National Team 2020 Uniforms also appeared
The concept is "Japanese Sunshine"! Players wearing the latest Japan National team uniform will run around the field!

□■ "Captain Tsubasa ZERO" recommended for □■

<Those who like TV anime "Captain Tsubasa">
・I am not familiar with soccer, but I want to play a soccer game that is easy to play with characters and a world view of Captain Tsubasa.
・I want to create my strongest soccer team by gathering players who have appeared in the anime.
・I want to enjoy the side stories that were not told in the anime by playing "Captain Tsubasa ZERO".
・I want to raise "Original players" that were not told in the anime and play against nationwide rivals.
・I want to create my strongest character by combining various skills such as shooting and passing.
・I want to recreate players that appeared in the anime such as Nankatsu Elementary school soccer club, Shuutetsu Elementary school soccer club, Hanawa Soccer Boys, Furano Elementary school soccer club, and Musashi FC in "Captain Tsubasa ZERO".

<Those who like sports, soccer, and soccer games>
・I want to play a popular soccer game app that is free to play.
・I'm looking for a soccer simulation game where player development and formation can be determined.
・I want to play soccer game where players I've raised can play against players nationwide.
・I want to create my own team, decide formation and player positioning, and have fun.
・I'm looking for a soccer game with a fun main scenario among sports games.
・I want to play against nationwide player teams with the "Captain Tsubasa" players I have raised.
・I want to score a hat-trick in a match with my own team I've raised.

<Those who want to play a popular free game>
・I am looking for a free soccer game that can grow and play against other players.
・I'm looking for a popular soccer game among sports games.
・I want to play interesting and enjoyable games among popular sports games.
・I want to enjoy dynamic and free sports games with easy operations.
・I want to kill time with a fun soccer game that anyone regardless of age and gender can enjoy.

□■ "Captain Tsubasa ZERO" Characters □■
Players who have played an active role in the TV anime "Captain Tsubasa" will appear in the game with the same voice actors!(Character voice titles abbreviated)

Tsubasa Ozora [CV: Yūko Sanpei]
Genzō Wakabayashi [CV: Kenichi Suzumura]
Taro Misaki [CV: Ayaka Fukuhara]
Teppei Kisugi [CV: Mutsumi Tamura]
Mamoru Izawa [CV: Mutsuki Iwanaka]
Tetsuo Kojima [CV: Hirohiko Kakegawa]
Kazuki Sorimachi [CV: Hiroyuki Yoshino]
Shingo Aoi [CV: Taaro Kiuchi]
Kojiro Hyuga [CV: Takuya Sato]
Takeshi Sawada [CV: Megumi Han]
Ken Wakashimazu [CV: Yūichirō Umehara]
Masao Tachibana / Kazuo Tachibana [CV: Ayako Takeuchi (Masao) Yurina Watanabe (Kazuo)]
Hikaru Matsuyama [CV: Wataru Hatano]
Jun Misugi [CV: Sōma Saitō]
Tsubasa Ozora (Young) [CV: Yūko Sanpei]
Ryo Ishisaki [CV: Yūsuke Shirai]
Many others!

【Official Website】 ↓↓Check the latest information here!

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【Supported Environment】Android 4.4 or later (2GB or more of RAM recommended)
※For models other than recommended terminals, operation may be unstable.

©Yoichi Takahashi / Shueisha・2018 Captain Tsubasa Production Committee
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