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Play as Shirou or Rin and strategize with Fate characters in the tower defense game, Capsule Servant. Protect your base from enemy attacks.

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Capsule Servant is a tower defense game for smartphones that features a multitude of characters from the popular Fate series. Players are able to choose between Shiro or Rin and lead various Masters and Servants to take down the enemy base.

The story revolves around the Capsule Servants, which were created by the Holy Grail, and summons pseudo-Heroic Spirits that seem to be familiar to some in the city of Fuyuki. Shiro and Rin, two brave elementary school students, unexpectedly acquire the power of Capsule Servants and take on the evil threats that plague their city.

Players are able to choose from a pool of over 50 Servants to build their army and strategize against opponent Masters. The game features a Cloud Save function, which allows players to save their progress and restore it even after changing devices or resetting their current one.

Capsule Servant requires Android 5.0 or later and at least 2.0GB RAM. However, it does not support beta versions of released operating systems and devices that utilize Intel CPUs.

For any inquiries or concerns regarding the game, players can contact and receive a confirmation email shortly after. Capsaba reminds users to check their spam folder should they not receive a confirmation email.
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