GamesCannon Hero

Game overview

Become Rocket Boy and save the world by shooting evil forces, but aim accurately as one wrong aim could end your mission. Unlock fearless heroes and enter Fever Mode for an Ultra Kill.

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Embark on a mission to save the world from malevolent entities with Rocket Boy! Engage in a thrilling shooting game where you need to tap and hold to aim at your target and release to shoot. For better gains and rewards, take aim at the villain's cranium! Score three headshots successively to trigger the much-awaited Fever Mode - taking your game to the next level by achieving Ultra-Kill! You should be cautious though; one incorrect aim, and it's game over! Don't worry, though! As you progress, you'll unlock fearless heroes to join you on your quest! Are you ready to take on the challenge? Orangenose Studio, the developers of the #1 game Hardest Game Ever 2, have introduced Cannon Hero - the newest, most addictive game on the block!
Release date
Jul 09, 2015
Single player