Callbreak League

Callbreak League

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Game overview

Play Callbreak League, the classic multiplayer trick-taking card game. Free to download and play, with offline and online modes available.

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Callbreak League offers an authentic gaming experience of the classic and original version of callbreak, which is a multiplayer card game that involves trick-taking.

Exciting features of the game are:

1. It is absolutely free to download and play. With players from all over the world, you will enjoy real deals and improve your skills.

2. Play online or offline within seconds. Make new friends and have fun with Callbreak League.

3. More interesting features and gameplay are currently in development.

Rules of the Game:

1. Basics: The game is played by four players using a standard 52-card deck. In standard mode, the game consists of five rounds whereas, there are three rounds in quick-mode.

2. Direction: The dealer and players' playing directions are predetermined in callbreak. The dealer is chosen by drawing a card, and the playing directions are chosen based on the order of the cards.

3. Deal: Each player receives 13 cards from the dealer in the counter-clockwise direction.

4. Call: Each player calls a number of tricks that they plan on winning each round. Failing to fulfill your bid results in negative scores.

5. Play: Spades are the trump card in callbreak. During gameplay, players must aim to win every trick by playing the highest card possible.

6. Trick: The player who starts the first trick can begin with any hand card. The winner of each trick starts the next one.

7. Score: Players earn points in accordance with their bids if they meet their bid, but if they fail, points will be deducted. Over-tricks are valued at 0.1 points each.

Callbreak goes by various names such as Spades, Call Bridge, Lakdi, Lakadi, Ghochi, Tash ka game, Gulli, 29 patti game, and Callbreak multiplayer depending on the region. With Callbreak League, you will enjoy exciting gameplay and challenge yourself to enhance your skills.
Arbalest Studio
Release date
Dec 02, 2022

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