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Call of Duty: Global Operations

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Call of Duty®: Global Operations, a tactical MMO PvP game, lets players control armies and wage global battles using iconic Call of Duty characters and modern strategies.

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Get ready to lead armies and engage in global conflict like never before with Call of Duty®: Global Operations, the latest tactical MMO PvP game developed by Activision and Elex, the talented makers behind Clash of Kings. Nuclium NM (72) is a newly discovered element that can be turned into a deadly weapon, and its limited supply has caused governments and private operators to fight over it, plunging the world into chaos. You must stop GLOBUS, a malicious corporation determined to use the weaponized Nuclium to terrorize the world. In this latest Call of Duty tale, it's all up to you to save humanity from anarchy!

Build, upgrade and customize your military base with an extraordinary army led by the iconic characters of the Call of Duty universe. Create epic multiplayer battles, develop unique strategies and defeat opponents from around the world. Recruit dozens of Heroes, featuring the likes of Captain Price, Ghost, and Soap, and cooperate with them to bring down your enemies. Improve your commander's battle skills, assign troops to match their strengths, and raid opponents to secure more resources. Choose a unique research path to upgrade your buildings, gain a competitive edge, and personalize your commanders according to the specific needs and requirements of your army.

Take part in co-op PvP wars, play through a thrilling PvE campaign, and hone your tactics with breathtakingly realistic 3D graphics that will make you feel like you're right on the battlefield. Join alliances and raid your enemies to emerge victoriously. You can connect and play with your friends, as well as introduce new and exciting in-app purchases that will provide you with further opportunities to challenge yourself.

Please note, the game is currently in beta, and developers are continuously working to improve it by adding additional content while fixing any bugs. You can share your experience and give feedback on the game by sending an email to An internet connection is required to play and make the most of the social features, real money purchase options, and push notifications to keep yourself up to date on new content and events.

Neither Elex nor Activision makes any guarantees concerning online play or features and may modify or discontinue online services at their discretion with reasonable notice. Call of Duty®: Global Operations is the property of Activision Publishing, Inc. All trademarks and trade names are their respective owners' properties.
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