Call of Commander: Zombie Island

Call of Commander: Zombie Island

Magic Cube
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Metal Trooper: Survival is a zombie game where you control a mercenary squad, rescue survivors, fight hunger, and avoid infection. Simple swipe controls and stunning pixel art.

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In this new game from Magic Cube, get ready to face a horde of zombies in Sunshade, a remote island which has itself become a victim of human greed. Nano Creature Tech, a medical research facility known for their work in extending human life, finds itself in chaos after a lab researcher, Laura is bitten by a guard who turns out to be a zombie. In a desperate attempt to investigate, the corporation deploys "Metal Trooper," a private mercenary squad led by Commander Mark, to rescue any survivors and escape the infected island.

Call Of Commander Meets A Zombie is an action-packed game that features easy-to-use swipe controls that allow players to command all their soldiers with a single swipe. The upgradable 8 commanders all have distinct skills and strengths, making them an essential part of your squad. There are various campaigns with different missions, giving players an incomparable experience each time they venture into the game.

As part of the impressive gameplay Call Of Commander Meets A Zombie offers, a large squad can be built upon, making for great survivability in the game. Integrated features such as the Infect System, the Rescue System, and the Hunger System all add to the unique gameplay, challenging players to stay alive for as long as possible. In addition, the game boasts a realistic weather system, which affects the tactical decisions made by commanders in bàttle.

The game's stunning pixel art and realistic sound effects and background music, coupled with the available achievements and leaderboards serve to make it even more engaging. Furthermore, a unique feature of asynchronous multiplayer, which allows you to invite your friend's commander for an epic collaboration, adds another exciting dimension to the game. Don't wait! Play Call Of Commander Meets A Zombie today!
Magic Cube
Release date
Jul 05, 2016

Gameplay & Streams

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