Call Me Emperor

Call Me Emperor

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Game overview

Dunhuang's Secret: The Crossover of CME x Dunhuang Museum!

In our game, you will experience an immersive life in the ancient palace. You can have supreme power, date peerless beauties, collect powerful ministers, find a Soulmate, design your common Villa, and join various contests & events!

[Legacy of Dunhuang]
The capital is hearing the melodies of Dunhuang now. Why not show your music talent, take quick quizzes on Dunhuang, and unlock exclusive crossover decorations?

[Power Struggle]
Resolve dangerous power struggles, clear up obstacles and become the strongest!

[Romantic Harem]
Encounter girls in travel, capture their hearts with your charm, and enrich your love story!

[Interactive Gameplay]
Attending banquets, holding maiden selections, raising babies, finding a Soulmate, and decorating the Imperial Villa... We will let you experience a ancient royal life!

[True Dragon Emperor]
Complete Dragonization Challenges, unlock Qing Emperors' stories, and turn them into true dragons!

[DIY Villa]
Find a Soulmate, pick Furniture together, and decorate your common Villa!

[Fine Clothes, Various Looks]
Consorts, Ministers have new skins. Your Costumes can be dyed any color you want!

[New Season]
In addition to the monthly Fight for Supremacy, we'll have a brand-new event, Salvation Trip. Who can have the last laugh?

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Release date
Mar 18, 2019

Gameplay & Streams

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