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Call me a Legend

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Game overview

Become a legendary player in the free RPG game Call me a Legend by building relationships, recruiting heroes, and surviving against zombies.

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Immerse yourself in the world of the free simulation RPG game, Call me a Legend, filled with beautiful women and mighty heroes! Rise to the top and become a true Legend amidst your peers, gain wealth and power! Beware of the looming danger of the zombie infestation, always lurking around every corner!

Key features:
Building Relationships - Select the damsels of your preference to form lasting relationships, robust enough to stand the test of time. Attain legendary status among the ladies!
Child Rearing - Take care of your spouse, and she will reciprocate by tending to your every need and raising your children as well. Cultivate your offspring.
Political Maneuvering - Earn great prosperity and tremendous strength through cunning political strategy!
Allying for Strength - Conscript brave and dependable heroes to aid you in your valiant struggle against the zombie uprising!
Camp Development - Upgrade and improve your troop of champions, in order to make them undefeatable and ultimately ascend to the top echelon of the Legend!
The Quests - Dispatch expeditions for the purpose of exploring new territories and uncovering any remaining survivors.
Online Conversations - Interact with other players, learn from their experiences, and share your own in order to determine who the true Legend shall be in the end?
Record Setting - Enroll in our worldwide ranking list, and test your mettle in an effort to become the highest-ranked, most Legendary player of all times!

Download Call me a Legend for FREE now, and earn wealth and power like never before!
Release date
Mar 25, 2019

Gameplay & Streams

Date With Beauty Lilith - Game Call me a Legendddajt
Date With Beauty Carol - Game Call me a Legendddajt
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