Game overview

Want to your IMPROVE your eye and finger coordination (reaction time) in a fun & effective manner ?
Burstly : Hardest Game Ever - promises you to train your brain & activate the mind by forcing you in a focused conscious state.
This game is developed for those who NEVER GIVE UP easily in real life.
mmm .... ARE YOU ??
If so, you might want to PLAY NOW.

Burstly is an action arcade game which is simple, but with endless fun. Touch your finger
anywhere on the screen and slide or thumb drift to avoid the clash of traps and collect luminours. The only work you need to do is to pass the barriers and
don't touch the enemy traps (triangles) as you collect the points.

You will never get annoyed as far as you have the talent and skill to play the game.
As the level progresses the game becomes much more challenging.

The game features challenging physics based game-play and hours of replay value. Each level requires logic, skill and force to solve.

The difficulty in crossing each levels and the feeling you get after finishing a difficult level makes the game addictive.
Easy controls, but hardcore game-play with relaxing music and graphics is another good feature of burstly.

The difficulty and fun of the game increases as you try to collect maximum points provided in each trap. Prepare for a near impossible challenge and push your skills to limit as you escape your way through dangerous passages of spiky obstacles.

In short burstly is a single touch game-play that will keep you entertained for hours.

✓Train your reflexes
✓Increase your accuracy
✓Prove your touch ability
✓Increase your speed
✓Realize FAILURE is a part of SUCCESS
✓Improve PATIENCE & OPTIMISM for a successful life

Imagine you are about to learn the PROVEN ways to use your eye and finger coordination to put people into what I call a SUPER reflexive state in a fun & effective manner.

Playing burstly will activate the mind by forcing us in a focused conscious state.
You can attain it unknowingly with this interesting fun arcade game - burstly.

Sharpen your minds while having fun playing this game.


Burstly is cursed with an angry face and its not able to get back its cool happy face, until he collects the luminours. But he need to find the
pure white luminour to remove its curse .
But these luminours are guarded by powerful enemy traps that can destroy anyone who touches or clash with it.
Burstly need to overcome all the enemy traps in order to catch up from burst to ashes.

In short.. ESCAPE the enemy traps and collect maximum points.

* Advanced level system
* Acceleration
* A perfect addictive game
* Dynamic barriers
* Good music
* Quality designs with brilliant colors

1) Touch anywhere on the screen ( NOT on TOP of the burstly CHARACTER)
2) Drag (top, right, bottom, left) to move the character
3) Do not remove your finger from the screen
4) Collect the rotating illuminated cubes (Points)
5) Do not strike the triangles because you will lose
6) Strike the square or circle to remove the triangles on your way

You have no idea, how nice it is to finish the difficult levels because you are absolutely right that burstly : Hardest Game Ever! is BORN for those who NEVER GIVE UP easily in real life. :)

I don't know if this is the best game for sure! or how you play this game..
You probably already know that ONLY TALENTED persons could PLAY this game...
Its born for you and You are born for it.

So if you are looking for new games..

****************** BURSTLY : HARDEST GAME EVER ! *******************
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