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Burst Witch

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Experience epic battles with beautiful bullet patterns and unique spell systems in a gothic world as a mentor to magical girls. Risky content, PG-15.

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★Magnificent Bullet Hell
Experience the thrilling sensation of bullet versus bullet combat as you choose your favorite witch to battle with. Not only do bosses release intricate bullet patterns, but every witch possesses various stunning bullet patterns that you can enjoy during battles. You can even showcase your one-handed extreme gameplay maneuvers.

★Unique Grimoire System
In the game, there are six basic types of bullet patterns, such as the high-intensity beam attacks of the Flash Burn series and the explosive area of effect of the Roaring Blast series. With the Grimoire system, players can upgrade each of these basic bullet patterns to increase bullet count, enhance firing speed, and add various characteristics that would augment damage. Enjoy the brilliant display of different types of bullet patterns blossoming amidst every battle.

★Macabre Gothic Style
In this 3D dynamic world, the witches perform intricate dances upon exquisitely designed battlefields. The interplay between bullet patterns and the vast mountainous clouds brings an unforgettable combat experience. With gorgeous cutscenes and a Gothic story, you will be fully immersed in this thrilling world.

In the world of witches, you play as their mentor. Witness the destruction of human cities by the divine court and receive a prophecy that seems to make you part of the story. The fate of this world seems to be in your hands, and you must guide the witches through the abyss, the mortal realm, and even to the realm of the gods. Explore the boundaries of good and evil and black and white. The melancholic lament, the Nightingale Forest, and the final outcome are all up to you.
Your bond with the witches deepens as you engage in each battle.

※This game contains violence, with damage and fighting described through graphics and numbers but without gore or bloodshed. It also contains sexual content, with some characters wearing attire that emphasizes female breasts and buttocks. As per game software rating system, this game is classified as Advisory 15, suitable only for those aged 15 and above.
※This is a free-to-play game, but it includes in-app purchases for virtual game currencies, items, and other services. Please engage in moderate spending based on your personal interests and capacity.
※Please be mindful of your game time and avoid addiction that could affect your daily routine. Moderate your engagement with the game and take occasional breaks and exercise.
※This game is being distributed by Aier Networks Co., Ltd. For any queries, please contact the game's customer service channel.
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