Bullet Hell Heroes

Bullet Hell Heroes

Nanami Shindi
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Game overview

Bullet Hell Heroes is a challenging, free-to-play, pixel art, vertical scrolling, Touhou-style shooter with 20+ heroes, RPG elements, and challenging boss battles.

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Bullet Hell Heroes is a stimulating vertical scrolling game with RPG elements, designed with pixel art that resembles Touhou. The game doesn't restrict you with a stamina system, instead allows you to attempt and experience more until you can achieve the sense of accomplishment you desire. You have at your disposal 20 different heroes that each have their unique abilities, such as teleportation, time-slowing, or jumping. You can choose to play at normal, hard or maniac difficulty level, according to your skills and preferences. Defeating challenging bosses after memorising their bullet patterns is your ultimate goal. You'll encounter over 100 types of enemies that range from dragons, slimy creatures, to ghosts and oaks. You'll be intrigued by Touhou-like bullet patterns that will keep you challenged throughout the game. The best part? It's free!

Bullet Hell Heroes is user-friendly. You can move your hero and shoot by tapping and pulling the screen. Additionally, performing special abilities is as simple as touching the screen with another finger.

This game caters to shooting enthusiasts and STG admirers who enjoy games that provide an escape from reality. Its popularity among those who like Touhou games and those who prefer a challenging shooting experience is worth mentioning. Fantasy world lovers find the game design particularly appealing, with its pixel art aesthetic that adds a touch of nostalgia. If you're looking to feel a sense of accomplishment by beating a game, then Bullet Hell Heroes is your best bet. Play it for free, and experience the thrill yourself!
Nanami Shindi
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