Building Arcadia

Building Arcadia

Golden Rhino Games
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Game overview

Build a sci-fi paradise world for humanity in Arcadia, overcoming obstacles and encountering an ancient evil in this city-building adventure game.

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Greetings, aspiring Grand Architect! Building Arcadia is an exciting sci-fi adventure game that lets you build your very own futuristic city while you're away.

Embark on a journey into the world of Arcadia, a far-future realm where technology has transformed humanity into something vastly different from what it is today.

Explore the vast interstellar community of Arcadia, managed by a council consisting of beings from across the galaxy. As the first human to be granted unlimited access to the network, you must use your newfound privilege to create a beautiful new paradise world called Fortuna for humanity to thrive in, as a gift from the Council.

Your mission as the Grand Architect is not an easy one. You must successfully build and shape Fortuna into a prosperous haven, while facing challenges along the way.

โ— Over 40 randomly generated locations available during each playthrough.
โ— Four distinct types of locations to build on.
โ— Build up to 25 different structures (with more to come).
โ— Numerous obstacles and hazards that must be cleared to achieve success.

โ— Encounter an ancient enemy that seeks to impede your progress.
โ— Discover over 11 mysterious anomalies that can either benefit or hinder your progress.
โ— Seek the guidance of a sarcastic "Quanta" and gain knowledge of the world of Arcadia.
โ— Interact with various intriguing characters.

โ— Acquire and manage resources to expand your colony.
โ— Unlock new technologies and structures.
โ— Manufacture and combine items to create a thriving economy.
โ— Gradually upgrade your production facilities to maximize profits.

โ— Be aware of the consequences of your actions. This isn't your average idle game, so careful planning is necessary for expansion.
โ— Engage in combat against the ancient evil wielding swarms of nanites, which attempts to destroy your colony.
โ— A new type of incremental game that's not just a 'cookie-cutter' experience.
โ— Combines adventure, city-building, and idle/incremental game aspects.
โ— Beware of your mortality in this game, though each iteration offers incremental progress with a few initial setbacks.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and fulfill your destiny as the Grand Architect of Arcadia? Let's get to building!
Golden Rhino Games
Release date
Aug 03, 2022
Single player

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