Bug Heroes: Tower Defense

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense

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Game overview

Craft your perfect defense with powerful heroes and dozens of towers! Scavenge, level up, and defeat enemies in a unique blend of strategy and RPG-style upgradeability.

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Indulge in an exciting mix of action, strategy and tower defense genres as you take control of powerful heroes, unlock a plethora of tower types, and construct the ultimate defense in Bug Heroes: Tower Defense!

Lead and master ten skilled Bug Heroes, each with distinct play styles, abilities and weapons. From the intelligent Spider Assassin to the efficient Ant Engineer and the Worm Demolitions Expert, each hero brings their unique skillset to the battlefield. Scavenge for resources such as food and junk, create turrets, level up your heroes and towers, acquire upgrades, and fend off against your enemies!

In Bug Heroes: Tower Defense, you can customize your defense strategy with dozens of towers to unlock and experiment with. Unleash your creativity and construct your perfect defense. Have a fulfilling gaming experience and immerse yourself in a spectacular world with interesting heroes each with their own individual play style, abilities and personality.

The game leverages an RPG-style progression via level-ups, upgrades, equipment, and similar features. The enemy variety is enormous, promising a refreshing gameplay experience every time. Take direct control of your heroes with a 3rd person camera or enjoy it like a traditional tower defense game using a classic overhead camera.

With Bug Heroes: Tower Defense, we value your time and support. We hope you relish the game! If you have questions, suggestions, or need help, please get in touch with us at info@foursakenmedia.com.
Foursaken Media
Release date
Aug 12, 2023
Single player


TAPtoPLAYfrom Skich app
Not a bad game...but i didn't like some mechanism in this game like keys eg..still a average game for timepass...

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