Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

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Build your empire in Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements. Learn to cook, expand territory, recruit specialists and take down rivals with Heisenberg, Jesse, and company.

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Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is a fascinating narrative-driven base-building game, created in collaboration with the makers of the famous television show. Get ready to immerse yourself in the dangerous and turbulent world of Heisenberg, where morality is subjective and the competition is fierce. Your ultimate goal is to maximize your profits, even at the cost of ethical issues.

Begin your journey as an underling of the legendary duo - Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. They will teach you the art of expanding a small operation involving stolen chemistry equipment from a junky RV to a worldwide empire that has far-reaching influence. To achieve such success, you need to master all the essential skills, such as improving the lab's productivity, perfecting the product quality, reinforcing your territory, and creating a robust army.

You will have the chance to attract familiar characters from the show, such as Saul Goodman, Mike Ehrmantraut, Gus Fring, and other fan-favorites, and develop your team of skilled specialists. Increase your chances of succeeding by upgrading your specialists' abilities, which can defend your base, boost production, and lead forces against your opponents.

Establish Your Own Dominion - Only the fearless can conquer the top position in this line of business. Create your empire, expand your enterprise, and defend it from the rival's attacks at all costs. Generate resources by constructing and upgrading new buildings and prepare to destroy all those who try to mess with your empire.

Refine and Improve Your Lab - It's time to get your hands dirty and show what you're capable of. Beginning in the RV, get your name out there by creating the highest quality products. Develop enough resources and influence to create a state-of-the-art facility that can generate massive amounts of superior product and leave the competitors in the dust.

Conquer New Territories - To dominate the market, you have to move and distribute your product constantly. Expand your horizon and explore new areas to develop your distribution network, but always beware of your enemies that may try to sabotage your activities.

Recruit and Manage Your Team - Your empire can only thrive if you have a strong team of specialists that possess unique skills that are integral in attacking, defending, harvesting resources, and increasing your influence. Level up your team and exploit their abilities to the fullest to improve your empire significantly.
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