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Game overview

Choose your warrior, explore 11 areas and 4 islands, recruit pets and mercenaries, customize outfits, and compete in battles. Welcome to Brave Blades!

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[Attention] Enter at your own risk, for the latest 3D Action RPG game is incredibly addictive. Make sure to check the battery level of your device before unleashing your fighting spirit!

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[Select Your Warrior]
Are you ready for epic combat? Choose your path before entering the battlefield.
--Barbarian: These powerful fighters possess incredible strength and fighting abilities, smashing their enemies to pieces with a whirlwind of fury.
--Hunter: Known for their quick movements and deadly dual hand-bows, enemies will be eliminated before getting close enough to attack in melee combat.
--Mage: Masters of magic and mystery, they can illuminate darkness with light and weaken their foes with devastating spellcasting.
--Paladin: These noble defenders of the world embody the hearts of warriors and wings of angels, steadfastly defending love with an unyielding faith and an impenetrable shield.

[Embark On Your Journey]
For the ultimate experience, be sure to play in high quality mode and download any additional packages. A vivid and stunning world awaits!
--Revolutionary play-and-download technique saves valuable time
--Grandiose 3D visuals immerse you in a thrilling fantasy universe
--Explore 11 vast landmasses and 4 enigmatic arcane islands filled with danger and treasure
Unlock over 50 Google Play Achievements

[Summon Your Allies]
Attention warriors! You cannot face your enemies alone, recruit stalwart companions to join you in battle!
--Enlist over 20 diverse pets and 7 different Mercenaries to assist you in combat
--Raise and nurture over 50 Mounts to traverse the land in style

[Grind To Greatness]
Survival demands strength, discipline, and training. Strengthen yourselves for the battles ahead!
--Ascend through 50 tiers of experience to unlock your full potential
--Access over 30 features on your journey from novice to hero
--Conquer 20 distinct challenges to acquire valuable resources to upgrade your gear
--Dive deep into multi-tiered dungeons to test your mettle and claim the greatest rewards
--Customize your appearance and enhance your power with a variety of outfits.

[Competitive Raid]
Remember, there are no permanent foes, nor everlasting friends. Join a legion and prepare for battle!
--Engage in challenging free-style domestic and international battles via the unique three-nation system
--Earn valuable contributions to your nation and trade them for high-quality gear to strengthen your hero
--Flex your tactical skills in cross-nation brawls to tap into your true power and potential

[Free Up Your Actions]
Are you worn out from repeated actions? Fear not!
--Streamline your movement with auto-path-finding and auto-mission-clearing features
--Activate your AI settings to create an advanced, optimised battlefield experience
--Gain experience and items while AFK with the game's AFK Field feature

We believe in the power of fortune and the essence of fairness. All you need is a little bit of luck on your side!
--Obtain random gear drops with frequently changing stats and qualities
--Enjoy free access to all dropped items, gain an edge by picking up valuable items first
--Explore numerous events and activities designed to maximise your luck and transform your fortune

Good Luck, Hero!
Don't forget to leave your name behind! Your legacy begins here, and your name shall be the first spoken in legends.

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Release date
Jul 23, 2019

Gameplay & Streams

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