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Bump two balls to clear each stage, collect pens and share your victory; Brain Dots is a challenging puzzler with endless user-created stages.

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A popular game with over 40 million downloads, Brain Dots is a deceptively simple-looking game that tests your problem-solving skills. The goal is to bump the blue and red balls together to clear each level, which is easier said than done. To achieve this, the player must draw lines and shapes to move and roll the balls in the right direction. Creative thinking is a key to success in this game.

As players progress, they can collect different types of pens, starting from pencils to colored pencils and crayons. There are over 25 varieties of pens to collect, each with different colors and sizes. These pens can be used to draw lines and shapes in the game, adding to the variety and strategy of the gameplay.

You can share your victories with others by capturing a video or picture of the moment you clear a stage and share it on social media. By doing so, you can show off your skills to your friends and maybe even help them by giving hints on how to conquer challenging levels.

This game is not just about entertainment; it also tests your cognitive abilities, particularly your logical thinking and problem-solving skills. With its riddle and "Escape the Room" elements, Brain Dots will appeal to people who enjoy brain teasers, card and strategy games. It might even have an educational impact on young children's intellectual growth while preventing mental deterioration.

Brain Dots also allows you to create and share your own stages. With over 3 million stages already created by users worldwide, you can challenge yourself and see if you can create levels that others can solve.

This game is available in 15 languages, making it accessible to players all over the world, and is compatible with Android devices. Let's start playing Brain Dots and stretch our creative and logical thinking muscles!
Release date
Jul 05, 2015
Single player


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