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Bouncing Cats: Cute Cat Music

Game overview

Swipe left and right to guide round and furry cats on a unique musical journey featuring popular songs infused with playful cat sounds.

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Experience a unique musical journey with our fluffy feline pals unlike any other! 🎤🐱

Take charge of the swinging cats as they jump from one tile to another while matching beats and dodging the obstacles with your swift reflexes. With lively cat sounds remixing catchy tunes, this game offers the perfect blend of adorability and catchy melodies that you won't find anywhere else.

👋Swipe left or right to change the cats' direction and make them land on the tiles. Match the rhythm of the funky tunes while keeping yourself up to the pace. Can you handle bouncing like a pro?

Remixes and Cat Sounds:
Prepare yourself for a unique musical twist that will leave you clapping to the beat. Bouncing Cats takes popular songs and blends them with playful cat sounds, creating bouncy, toe-tapping rhythms that will make your day. Lose yourself in the enchanting meows and the catchy melodies as they take over your headphones.

Art Style and Theme:
Immerse yourself in the visually appealing world of Bouncing Cats. The game features some stunning 3D models with a touch of charming 2D shader that will take your breath away. With every detail, from the fluffy furs to the expressive eyes, we have brought the feline characters to life.

Key Features:
🌈Cute and Hilarious Environment: Step into a world where adorable, round cats cover popular tunes with their playful cat sounds, always keeping a smile on your face.
🔥Popular Tunes with Cat Sounds: Experience the magic of popular songs with an infectious twist of bouncy beats and playful cat sounds that will keep you glued to your device for hours.
⚡Addictive Gameplay: Swipe, bounce and groove your way through thrilling levels that puts your landing and rhythmic skills to test. Can you handle the challenge?
🐱🐰🐶 Stunning Visuals: Customize your gaming experience with a delightful palette of 3D models and 2D shader graphics that will captivate your senses in an enchanting world.
🔓Unique Cats to Unlock: Keep discovering new charming feline characters with distinctive traits and styles that add tons of personality to your gameplay.

Join the feline revolution that awaits; set forth on a musical journey with Bouncing Cats: A Cute Cat Music Game. Meow along, bounce on the rhythm and let the game take over your senses. Download now and witness the cuteness and fun for yourself!
Release date
Jul 03, 2023
Single player

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