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Play as a Border Patrol Officer in this contraband police 3D simulator game. Stop smugglers from entering with a variety of gadgets and challenges.

Welcome to the world of Border Patrol Police Game, a thrilling Contraband police 3D Simulator and Cop sim 3D toll tax Offline game. In this game, you take on the role of a border police officer working tirelessly to prevent gangsters from entering the border security force. It's an exciting opportunity to fulfill your dream of becoming a border patrol officer through the Border Patrol Police Game 3D simulator. As a border patrol police officer, you assume the role of a cop officer with duties similar to those of a security guard game simulator. However, this game is far from ordinary, as you have to stop the smuggling of illegal items, including narcotics, antique diamonds, illegal weapons, rare birds, and gold tiles. In the Border Patrol Police Game simulator offline for kids, you must undergo different training programs before being called up by a border police officer. The border cop simulator is an interesting security game that inspires you to check cars and individuals. Scanning them is also part of your role as a border police officer; this may result in sending them to jail or releasing them. While it can be a black border game, everything is recorded, and it's similar to the duties of a military border game. Police simulator patrol duty traffic has numerous checkpoints for ensuring the security of the country. The Contraband police simulator 2022 is the best police check post-game, thanks to the dedicated service of the contraband police officer or border patrol police who have committed to combating crime and terrorism. They have arrested numerous criminals, ensuring law and order everywhere. In the police duty simulator, initiate your shift by talking to your seniors, taking charge of the border checkpoint, allowing vehicles one-by-one, and scrutinizing documents for authenticity. The police border patrol game includes all the information regarding people who pass through border checkpoints. The contraband police games have introduced new technology and gadgets for checking and scanning cars. Despite facing outer cop force pressure, border patrol simulator border forces have remained resilient. Border Patrol Police Game is now a trending game, with more than one chapter featuring different environments and gameplay. It is also known as a tollgate game, border officer 2, cop simulator game, border force police, police chase game, and police station game. Contraband police simulator patrol officers have a variety of characters and vehicles with amazing graphics of police patrol 3D Offline games 2022. Traffic police officers maintain traffic flow, but contraband police officers maintain Border Security. Toll tax wala game is a free and The Offline 3D Simulator that adds more fun to the game. Playing Border Patrol Police Game is easy. Start your day as a Border Security Officer, commence your shift, permit and reject vehicles, scan persons, check documents, and complete the police checking simulator toll plaza games. The game boasts incredible features such as realistic smooth gameplay, amazing graphics and sounds of Contraband police 3D Simulator, a variety of characters and vehicles in military Border 2022 game, endless mood, and vehicle weight checker of the contraband police officer. Join the Border Patrol Police Game and experience the thrill of securing the borders while fighting contraband activities.
Release date
Oct 18, 2019
Real Life



Not bad try it and see for yourself

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Simple game

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Border Patrol Police Simulator - Gameplay IOSMediaTech - Gameplay Channel


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