GamesBomber Wasp

Game overview

Evade waves of hornets & collect special items to survive in this epic game. Upgrade your character, unleash your ultimate ability & conquer the chaos.

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Prepare to engage in an intense battle with the Hornet army in this thrilling game! Jacob the Ladybug has accidentally disrupted the much-needed slumber of the Hornet Queen, and she has now unleashed her army to seek revenge. You must guide Jacob through this chaotic scenario, dodging countless waves of hornets that are raining down from the sky while collecting special items to stay alive.

As you progress through the game's numerous levels, you'll have the opportunity to explore different environmental backgrounds that are as beautiful as they are deadly. In this intense game, you'll need to avoid the swarming hornets and collect energy to unleash your ultimate ability, which will give you the prowess necessary to withstand the wrath of the Hornet Queen's army.

Don't forget to use your resources to upgrade Jacob's character; this will give you the advantage you need to survive through even the toughest of levels. With razor-sharp reflexes and a keen eye, you can conquer the chaos and emerge victorious in this heart-stopping adventure. Can you outlast the wrath of the Hornet Queen and her mighty army? Play now and find out!
Release date
Nov 30, 2023
Single player