Body and Soul

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Body&Soul": unique mechanics, 70+ levels, 6 boss fights, an intriguing story, and puzzles to solve with your robot in a colorful spirit world.

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Body&Mind” is a captivating puzzle game that challenges your logic and expertise with its entertaining and delightful gameplay features. Take the role of a robot with your command, and traverse through a surreal world, scrutinizing and solving complex puzzles. Beat various game stages with your mental prowess, dexterity, and quick-thinking skills. Overcome challenging bosses and unlock new ways of solving puzzles to achieve a 3-star rating, and even more! Dive into the story of Dr. Alfred and his robot - Drake. Witness a dramatic twist of fate when they encounter a soul transferring ritual that takes an unexpected turn. With an evil demon hindering Dr. Alfred's plans, a benevolent spirit comes to his aid to put things right. What is the fate of Dr. Alfred, and why was he transferring his soul? Play the game, discover the story, and unlock its mysteries!

The game's unique recording mechanic sets it apart from the rest. With over 70 levels of gameplay, the game's complexity increases, forcing players to come up with optimal puzzle solutions to advance. Engaging in-game cutscenes and stories that flesh out the game's characters in between levels keep the experience fresh and exciting. The vividly illustrated spirit world creates a colorful, immersive experience for the player. Adding to this is the game's funky music and sound effects, perfectly accentuating the game's aesthetic appeal.

Body&Mind's masterminds, Deividas Savičius and Karolis Rauličkis, have done an excellent job at programming and designing the game, providing a seamless experience for players. Ovidijus Girdzijauskas has produced an exceptional soundtrack and sound effects to enhance the game's atmosphere. Art and animation by Monika Vosyliūtė also add an artistic flair to the game. Simas Diržinauskas deserves commendation for his contributions to the game's development.

Play Body&Mind, and join Dr. Alfred and his robot in their thrilling quests, delve into the iridescent spirit world and uncover the many secrets of the game. With more than 70 levels, 6 boss fights, an engaging storyline, and impressive graphics, Body&Mind is undoubtedly the ultimate gaming experience for puzzle lovers.
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