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Game overview

Bob's Haunted Mansion is a fun, thrilling ghost adventure game where you explore a spooky mansion to solve puzzles and find jigsaw pieces without cheap jump scares.

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Experience a ghost adventure like no other as you explore the spine-tingling Bob’s Haunted Mansion! This charmingly spooky manor promises hours of fun as you unravel its mysteries. While it may seem eerie, this game is far from being a bone-chilling, horrifying experience. It's a unique adventure that requires you to solve puzzles and complete tasks! 🏠

🪟 Bob, the new owner of this mansion, has no idea that it’s haunted. He’s excited about its pool table and doesn’t mind the ghostly rumors. Unbeknownst to him, a jigsaw puzzle left by his strange uncle may reveal even more adventures within the mansion!

🕹 Gameplay: Take on the challenge of exploring this haunted house as Bob on a quest to collect tools, keys, and hats essential to progress. Make sure to scour every room of this spooky manor to find the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, the key to completing this game! With no cheap jump scares, Bob’s Haunted Mansion will provide for an exciting adventure without the continuous fear and jump scares that seem to be a staple of horror movies these days. This eerie ghost house is sure to spark a sense of adventure and so be sure to enjoy everything it has to offer!


👻 Embark on an adventure in a thrillingly haunted mansion.
🧢 Play as Bob, an adorable hero who stands brave even in the dark.
🏠 Explore a spooky mansion filled with excitement and tasks.
⚰️ Enjoy fun graphics, music, and sound effects that keep you hooked.
🧛‍♂️ Experience simple and easy gameplay that is both responsive and engaging.
🧩 Be challenged to find all the puzzle pieces required to complete the jigsaw puzzle.
🛠 Discover various items and tools that you can use later on your adventure.
🔐 Unlock hidden places by completing tasks.
🧟‍♀️ Encounter various eerie ghosts in this scary house
🔍 Every room has something new for you to discover.

Don't worry about running out of storage space, as your backpack is large enough to accommodate all the items that you collect. Don’t be afraid to explore this ghosts house, there are no scare jumps and so even though you might feel a bit scared as you are alone in the dark, there is nothing that will scare you more than the house of horror movies! This game is perfect for those who enjoy the occasional scary escape room game, but without the extreme and terrifying experience.

Dive into this chilling adventure now, and enjoy the experience of living the story of Bob’s Haunted Mansion Quest!


If you know of someone who is looking for an exciting game this Halloween season, be sure to recommend Bob’s Haunted Mansion to them! They will surely appreciate and love the delightful and fascinating game that is perfect for all ages.

Don’t forget to rate and review the game! Lastly, ensure an optimal game experience by playing with headphones and with the sound turned on.

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Release date
Jan 25, 2023
Single player

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