GamesBlue Monster: Rainbow Survival

Blue Monster: Rainbow Survival

Game overview

Survive the toys factory as Rainbow Guy, hide from Monster friends and escape Blue Monster. Play as Rainbow Friend, Wugy, Bear Fedy, Mommy Long Legs Chapter 2, or Yellow Baby.

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Welcome to Scarytime Factory – an exciting toy factory where you can become Rainbow Guy and embark on a thrilling survival challenge. Play hide and seek with your Rainbow friends, but beware of the Blue Monster, who chases you in the survival zone. You can choose to play as Rainbow Friend, Wugy, Bear Fedy, Mommy Long Legs Chapter 2, or Yellow Baby. This horror night will definitely be one to remember. How long will you survive in this horror playtime?

Rainbow Challenge: Survival Master is a fun and challenging game where you must hide and seek to escape the grabpack of your monstrous friends. The playground of the toy factory is filled with Rainbow Guy, Blue Monster, and other Monsters who are waiting for you. Play with your favorite characters, such as Rainbow Friend, Wugy, Bear Fedy, Mommy Long Legs Chapter 2, or Yellow Baby.

In this game, you are in charge of the Rainbow House, where you play with hundreds of beloved characters. You must try to be the last survivor and escape the Blue Challenge. Can you overcome this 3D Survival Horror world filled with dangerous monsters who will do anything to catch you?

To play, hold and drag to move in the horror escape game. Collect coins and items to buy power-ups in the scary-time playground. Take turns and overcome unlimited rainbow challenges. Find the grabpack tool hands, and push them as far away from you as possible. Run, jump, and escape this scary playtime, Survival Master, Blue Challenge. Don't let these monsters catch you in the Rainbow Game or the Blue Monster Game.

This is one of the best Blue Monster games and Monster 3D games ever made. The graphics and sound quality are exceptional, and the difficulty of the escape way in the Rainbow House increases step-by-step. It's easy and free to play, so give it a try and help me live!
XGame Global
Release date
Sep 19, 2022

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