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Bloops Game

Karim Azar
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Game overview

Pop mysterious particles to unlock a universe secret. 72 levels, multiplayer mode, and leaderboards. Can you solve the riddle and become the pop master?

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Crack the riddle to unravel the secret of the universe in BloOp! The game is set in a void which has strange particles scattered all around. Each BloOp particle has its unique trait - speed, spookiness, craziness, and slowness. Your goal is to pop all the particles before the time is out. Pop the particles correctly to extend your time, but popping the wrong ones will rob you of your precious time. Beware of the black hole that might suck you in!

The game features 72 challenging levels that will test your speed and focus. Can you beat all the levels and emerge as the ultimate BloOp master? Show off your skills in the local multiplayer mode and climb up the leaderboard to brag about your achievements.

BloOp features a hidden secret that can be unlocked by popping the BloOps in a specific order. Once unlocked, you need to solve the puzzle to reveal the hidden message. Are you smart enough to crack the code?

If you are ready for the ultimate challenge, BloOp is the game for you. Prove your mettle and become the Timeless Legend, the Mighty Streaker, or the Fastest Popper. Can you handle the pressure?
Karim Azar
Release date
Mar 20, 2018

Gameplay & Streams

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