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Choose your favorite vampire and ignite their passion in Blood Kiss, the interactive otome game with 200+ choices and hidden endings. Will you survive the dungeon or fall in love?

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Welcome to Blood Kiss, the ultimate interactive otome game that lets you experience a riveting dating simulation with four attractive vampires who are just waiting for you to spark a flame! In this thrilling game, you get to call the shots and your choices determine the outcome of the storyline.

With over 200 interactive options, you can create a romantic fantasy full of love and danger! This game is perfect for anyone who loves otome games, story games, or interactive games where your choices matter. Pick your favorite vampire and unlock hidden endings and secret anime episodes by pursuing him with your love choices.

Will you survive the dungeon and pay off your debt? Or will you fall deeply in love with one of the vampires and indulge in steamy nights together?

In this otome game, you find yourself working with a group of dangerous vampires who are not all that fond of humans. You're in debt, and in exchange for paying it off, you must survive a dungeon filled with gorgeous but bloodthirsty creatures.

Will you be able to maneuver your way through their dark world of blood-o-holics without getting sucked into their dangerous lifestyle? Or will you find yourself in the arms of one of the sexiest vampires in the game?

Blood Kiss is a visual novel interactive dating simulation otome game with choices that impact what unfolds. It is a mysterious love dating game where the stories of four hunks unravel. You are the main character, and you make the choices that lead to your own unique outcomes.

With over 200 choices to find each character's ending and uncover hidden endings with secret anime, you'll be on the edge of your seat trying to discover the secrets and full episodes of this thrilling vampire story.

If you're looking for an interactive otome game that is both romantic and thrilling, Blood Kiss is perfect for you! The game is filled with choices that lead to exhilarating fantasy outcomes, and you'll surely enjoy discovering the hidden endings and special episodes that come with each character.

Whether you're into fateful love in desperate situations or just want to interact with attractive characters and achieve your love goals, Blood Kiss won't disappoint. It's a perfect game for anyone who loves anime or manga about love stories and fantasy.

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Release date
Mar 29, 2021

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