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Blood Bowl brings the Warhammer Fantasy football board game to life. Choose from 9 races, each with unique strengths, and play in solo, campaign, or multiplayer mode.

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Blood Bowl is an exciting interpretation of the well-known Warhammer Fantasy football board game, a creation of Games Workshop. You get an opportunity to gather your team comprising of 9 incredible races from the epic Warhammer universe such as Dwarfs, Skaven, Lizardmen, Wood Elves, Chaos, Dark Elves, Undead, Humans, and Orcs. Every race possesses unique abilities and shortcomings, along with several possibilities to grow, allowing for a vast strategic depth to the gameplay.

The solo player mode provides a match experience without any difficulty. You can immerse yourself in single-player games to relish some fun matches without stressing or explore Blood Bowl to the fullest level in the extensive campaign mode. Develop your team and players by unlocking victories and receiving experience points as you advance through the game.

On the other hand, Multiplayer mode provides you with the option to challenge your friend on your tablet in the hot-seat mode, or dive into the massive online world featuring a permanent league where you can build and develop your teams. With cross-platform multiplayer modes, you can play against the formidable players of Blood Bowl worldwide.

The base game merely lets you play Humans and Orcs, while the in-game store allows you to gain access to other races. Join the world of fantasy football today and discover an unparalleled gaming experience!
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