BlockBuild: Craft Your Dream World

BlockBuild: Craft Your Dream World

Vertex Soft
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Game overview

BlockBuild: a limitless sandbox game where you can explore, create, and save multiple worlds. Fun for all ages!

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BlockBuild is a unique game that allows you to build your dream world with unlimited freedom. You are the master of your own imagination!
The sandbox game gives you endless opportunities to explore its vast world and build stunning creations using the cubes.

To eliminate a cube, just press and hold it with your finger until it dissolves. Ensure that you are in close proximity!
You can easily position any block of your choice by selecting it from the inventory screen and tapping the location where you want it to be placed.

This perfect game guarantees countless hours of amusement for individuals of all ages.

You can construct several worlds of your choice and save them at any time. Turn your wildest dreams into a reality!

This game appeals to a broad audience and is not limited to children. Get ready to showcase your building skills!
Vertex Soft
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