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Game overview

Block Fortress is a unique TD and FPS game that challenges players to build and defend their fortress against vicious attacks with various weapons and turrets.

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Looking for a game that will put your strategic and creative skills to the test? Then look no further than Block Fortress! This unique game combines elements of tower defense with first-person shooter gameplay, giving you the ultimate challenge.

Featuring complete freedom to build your base in any way you choose, from towering fortresses to sprawling castles, Block Fortress lets you customize your blocks, weapons, and equipment using a massive crafting system. You can even team up with friends in 2-4 player cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

But the real challenge comes in defending your base against the relentless attacks of the menacing Goblocks. With over 30 different building blocks to fortify your walls, and more than 16 advanced turret types to defend your base, you'll need to stay on your toes and gear up your character with tons of weapons and equipment, including rocket launchers, miniguns, shrink rays, and jet packs.

There are also lots of support blocks available, such as power generators, depth charges, and land mines, as well as spotlights, teleporters, and zip lines, which come in particularly handy during the day and night cycles. Build lights and spotlights to prepare yourself for the harsh night and conquer seven different types of terrain.

Block Fortress offers several game modes, including a sandbox mode where you can let your creativity run wild, and a survival mode which will put your skills to the test. And if you're feeling especially proud of your creations, you can even upload and share them with other players, or download theirs for inspiration.

So what are you waiting for? Build your fortress and defend it to the end in Block Fortress!
Foursaken Media
Release date
Mar 07, 2013

Gameplay & Streams

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