Block Bros.

Game overview

Block Bros. is a challenging online platformer with user-generated levels and leaderboards. Build your own stages and compete for high scores. Free for all ages.

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Are you searching for a game that will test your platformer skills while offering a creative outlet? Look no further than Block Bros.! This thrilling online action game packs in even more excitement, featuring a vast array of levels that will have you jumping, climbing, kicking, and dashing your way through the game's many challenges. Whether you prefer to tackle stages created by fellow players or design your own, the possibilities for fun are endless!

While Block Bros. is easy to learn, the game's numerous stages will quickly reveal just how much nuance there is to the platformer genre. With over 100 campaign levels to beat, as well as countless user-created stages to explore and conquer, you'll have plenty of opportunities to push your skills to the limit. As you play, you'll earn PlayerPoints and blocks that you can use to unlock new characters and grow your in-game rank.

Of course, the real fun of Block Bros. comes from creating and sharing your own levels. By using blocks you've earned through playing the game, you can build stages that will be rated by other players. If your levels receive enough stars, you'll unlock valuable rewards that will help you improve your rankings as a builder.

Beyond all of this, Block Bros. also boasts robust social features that allow you to connect with other players. You can follow other builders and players, leave comments on different levels, compete on in-game leaderboards, and even post your gameplay videos online.

If you're looking for an engaging and endlessly fun platformer game, look no further than Block Bros.!
Release date
Sep 10, 2015
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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