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Blitzkrieg Fire

Blitzkrieg Fire

Geoffrey Ayre

Game overview

Command air, land and naval forces across 20 campaigns in WWII's major theaters. Over 300 aircraft and 160 warships. Challenging AI and hotseat multiplayer.

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Blitzkrieg Fire is a thrilling turn-based strategy game that takes place during World War II in the European and North African areas. You have the opportunity to be in charge of ground, air, and naval forces for well-known countries such as Germany, the USSR, the United States, and many others throughout the biggest conflict the world has ever seen.

This game is a true reflection of history, offering 20 campaigns that cover events from the Spanish Civil War to the fall of Germany. You are in control of over 300 kinds of air squadrons, from war heroes such as the Spitfire and Bf 109 to lesser-known choices like the Soviet I-16 and Polish P.24. Naval forces are also at your fingertips, with over 160 types of ships such as submarines, aircraft carriers, and battleships available.

The realism and accuracy of Blitzkrieg Fire is exceptional, with highly detailed simulations of air, naval, and ground combat adding to the gameplay.

With an intelligent AI constantly adapting and changing, every game is a unique and challenging experience. If you're feeling competitive, you can challenge friends with the pass-and-play hotseat multiplayer mode.

One of the best parts of Blitzkrieg Fire is that there are no in-app purchases or ads, and no internet connection is required to play. You only need to buy the game once to access all the current and future content.

With 20 incredible campaigns from the invasion of Poland to Operation Overlord, there's so much to explore and achieve in this game. Experience the famous Battle of Britain defending Great Britain from the Luftwaffe's attacks. Or lead millions of German or Soviet troops in the fierce Operation Barbarossa. Take part in the legendary North African campaign as part of the infamous "Afrika Korps" or "Desert Rats". The huge Blitzkrieg Fire campaign covers the entirety of World War II, taking you on an adventure from the United States to the Ural Mountains.

Overall, Blitzkrieg Fire is an outstanding strategy game with fascinating campaigns, intense combat, and realistic gameplay.
Geoffrey Ayre
Release date
Sep 01, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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