Blip 1977: The Digital Game

Blip 1977: The Digital Game

Rob Wilmot
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Game overview

Blip 1977 is a recreation of the 1977 electronic and mechanical toy. Play solo or with friends to hit the light emitting diode back and forth.

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Blip 1977 is an authentic representation of the mechanical and electrical toy from 1977, playable in single or multiplayer mode. It was initially created as a blend of tennis and ping-pong, and later inspired by the early Pong video game developed by Atari. According to Wikipedia, Blip was a highly sought-after holiday gift during its era.

This version of Blip offers a slight twist by offering three speed options, ranging from easy to hard. Screenshots showcase the app's gameplay, as well as the original packaging artwork.

To begin playing, you can select either one or two players. In the one-player mode, serve the ball on the left-hand side, and the computer will automatically exchange the ball with you. You must select numbers 1-3 to catch the ball in time by pressing the numbered buttons and holding them down as the ball lands. If you retrieve the ball successfully, play continues; otherwise, the opponent receives a point as you serve again. If you choose two players, then the player closest to the ball serves. To win, the player must accumulate ten points first, or have the highest score once the timer expires, signified by a bell sound. Counters can be reset by tapping any of their respective buttons, and the timer can be refreshed by tapping it.

"Blip is the type of game that you can enjoy on the go. Test your skills as you play against friends, or challenge yourself by playing against the machine.

Activate Blip's mechanical power supply by rotating its timer. Pressing the serve button will cause an LED light to beam towards you. Don't be distracted by it for too long, though! To win, your reactions must be quicker than those of the Blip. Press one of the numbered buttons before the light hits you to return it. If your opponent fails to respond in time, you earn a point on the automatic digital scoreboard.

Take Blip with you anywhere: on boats, on trains, on cars, on rockets, and even on planes!

Blip may require two "AA" batteries, which are not provided."

Of course, this version of Blip doesn't actually require batteries. Dive into nostalgia with Blip 1977!
Rob Wilmot
Release date
Aug 04, 2013

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