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Lead a PMC in authentic military conflicts. Hire mercenaries and expand your squad's capabilities to dominate the battlefield. Requires 3GB+ RAM.

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Looking for an authentic military simulation game? Look no further! Embark on the ultimate battlefield domination adventure by commanding your very own private military company (PMC). Check out their official website at

Take on more than just battle missions - engage in assassinations, hostage rescues, facility, and convoy protection, all while leading your team to victory. As the commander, you'll need to analyze the situation and execute your strategy to perfection for success. Make informed decisions that could literally mean the difference between life and death of your squad members!

Be tactical and hire the best mercenaries, acquire advanced weapons and equipment, and grow your PMC. You never know, smart squad organization may just give you an edge in expanding your potential strategies. Use this to your advantage- strategically break through enemy lines with overwhelmed firepower or use stealth to eliminate your targets. Every decision you make in the heat of battle can determine your success.

Black Command is perfect for those who enjoy authentic military equipment, especially guns and gear and for those who love to take on the role of a commander. Do you feel like current military games are just not real enough? Black Command will pull you into a world closer to reality, and as you play, you'll enjoy a simulation game that requires your full tactical skills and brainpower. Plus, who doesn't love in-game collectibles! Keep in mind that the game requires at least 3GB or more RAM, but with the heightened, thrilling gameplay and strategy that this game brings, it's definitely worth it!
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