bit Dungeon III

bit Dungeon III

Kinto Games LLC
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Game overview

Fight dungeon bosses for souls in bitDungeonIII's 2D action world. Randomized content, upgrades and stats for each unique weapon and augmented skills to uncover.

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bitDungeonIII is a thrilling 2d game that offers an action-packed adventure with exciting rogue-lite features. Every time you play, there's a randomly generated overworld and dungeons, ensuring that each gaming experience is entirely unique. You can either make allies with other players, or if you prefer, kill them and take their valuable inventory items. The game offers a vast array of various items that will significantly enhance and affect your character.

The game's feature of permadeath adds an incredibly intense factor, knowing that you only get one soul and one opportunity to retrieve it upon your death, with bosses also contributing to this feature by granting souls upon being killed. Additionally, the game consists of several randomly pre-generated overworlds and dungeons, secrets, items, and humanoid npcs. You can enjoy online play using P2P networking, co-op, and pvp.

Each weapon type in the game has unique power attacks and stat scaling, allowing you to level up based on the weapon you use. You can switch between weapons to start leveling up that weapon type to work towards your general level. The game features powerful weapon enchants dropped from bosses to make it even more intriguing. You can also augment your character through changeable stat runes collected throughout your adventure and even build boss & quest weapons to defeat the giant difficult dungeon bosses.

bitDungeonIII has an original soundtrack by Houzatosis & Stress_TN, elevating the gaming experience to new heights. The game also supports Controller giving the players an option to choose their preferred playing method. Lastly, the game features New game plus for endless replay value. Save the world that cannot be saved, and be ready to enjoy the thrill of this ultimate action adventure game like never before!
Kinto Games LLC
Release date
Apr 24, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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