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BotE is a turn-based strategy game where you choose one race to gain control over the galaxy through diplomacy or military action.

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Embark on a thrilling journey through space with Birth of the Empires, a turn-based 4X strategy game reminiscent of classic titles such as Microprose's Master of Orion 2 and ST: Birth of the Federation! The game takes place in a vast galaxy filled with fascinating worlds, lifeforms, and anomalies, and players must choose one of six major races to control and establish superiority over a section of the universe through military or diplomatic means. Multiple victory conditions are available at the start of the game, making each playthrough a unique experience.

Set in the year 2121, after the third world war, mankind has entered a new age of technological advancement. It's a time to explore the undiscovered and make contact with civilizations beyond Earth's system. Brave men and women aboard starships are seeking new life and a new home, encountering new species and forging alliances along the way.

Players are tasked with taking command of one race during the early stages of the empire's development. The path to victory is varied, and the challenge is to balance the power dynamics within the galaxy quadrant or assert your race's dominance and create your own "order" in the galaxy.

This Android port is based on the original Birth of the Empires game, which can be found at and You can find the source code at

The game and its assets are credited to A tutorial video is in the works, and the first version can be found at Additionally, a video with commentary is planned. Reference the short FAQ at for any questions or concerns.

Please note that a screen size of at least 6" is recommended for the best experience. If you are running version 0.6.19 or later, you can enable the "Enable Preload" option for a snappier UI. However, if you encountered problems prior to version 0.6.19, do not enable it. If enabling it unintentionally causes issues, go to the device's Settings-Application Manager-Birth of the Empires and tap "Clear Data" and "Clear Cache," which unfortunately deletes save games.

Follow @blotunga on Twitter and check out their developer blog at for updates and news on this exciting game!
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