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Bio Inc. Redemption

DryGin Studios
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Game overview

In Bio Inc.: Redemption, choose to save lives or create the ultimate illness, with over 600 real-life diseases and 18 challenging cases. Master deep strategies to conquer side quests and world tournaments.

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Bio Inc.: Redemption is an intricate biomedical simulator that requires players to make life-altering decisions. You can opt to construct the ultimate disease and watch it infect and afflict your victim or you can don the hat of a medical examiner and attempt to discover a cure to save your patient's life. Will you be a harbinger of death or the savior of mankind?

With more than 600 realistic illnesses, viruses, symptoms, diagnostic tests, and treatments, Bio Inc.: Redemption will engross you for hours, transporting you to a microscopic world of epic proportions. The game is the second installment of the Bio Inc. franchise, which has already amassed over 15 million players worldwide. This version has improved realness and stunning graphics, making it one of the most compelling and visually arresting medical condition simulators available.

Bio Inc.: Redemption comprises two appealing, brand new campaigns, each sporting nine cases and four different levels of difficulty. The new and intuitive AI system provides hours of gameplay with many replay options. You can select the 'Death' campaign and terminate your victims with disease combinations that agonize, torment, and make their existence a living hell. Conversely, you can opt for the 'Life' campaign and act as a medical diagnostician, detecting diseases before it's too late and curing them. In one campaign, you may become the plague, and in the other, you can save humanity, one person at a time.

Bio Inc.: Redemption's all-new skill points system is player-focused, where players can earn, and spend skill points upgrading their gameplay skills. Upgraded skills are persistent across all game modes. As players journey through the campaign mode, they can alter their strategy to complete 41 new side quests included in this version. Completing side quests entitles players to substantial rewards and bonuses.

Each week Bio Inc.: Redemption unveils a new world map that players can conquer in the Death and Life cases. Compete with other players and use your meticulously honed skills to complete the cases, opening opportunities to garner rewards and pride.

The beauty of Bio Inc.: Redemption lies in its simplicity of mechanics and depth of strategy. Quick and exciting for casual gamers, it gets increasingly difficult and demands elaborate and complex strategies for advanced players. With 18 diversified and challenging cases, each with specific twists, unique objectives, and skill requirements, the game progressively builds a player's skills and allows them to create their own toolset.

Wicked, strangely compelling, and unforgiving, Bio Inc.: Redemption presents incredible challenges that test your medical expertise, ingenuity, and villainy. The game's devious mechanics are intimidating yet educational, making it all the more compelling to revisit to explore the limit of your abilities.
DryGin Studios
Release date
Dec 08, 2020
Single player

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