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Bid Wars 3 - Auction Tycoon

Game overview

Bid in storage auctions to become a pawn shop treasure tycoon in this 3D game adventure. Strategize, negotiate, and collect rare items to build your business empire.

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Are you ready to conquer the high-stakes world of storage auctions and become a pawn shop mogul? Experience the thrill of placing strategic bids on dusty storage units to uncover hidden treasures that could earn you a fortune! Outsmart your competitors and dominate auctions all around the globe in this addictive city-building and negotiation game.

To succeed in this challenging simulator, you must be savvy and tactical. Carefully assess the potential value of each item and stay on your toes in the fast-paced bidding wars. Only the most shrewd and strategic tycoons will rise to the top and build their treasure-hunting empire.

But winning auctions is just the beginning of your journey! Use your newly acquired treasures to open your own pawn shop and sell rare items at a premium. Grow your business, invest your earnings wisely, and build an impressive gallery of coveted items to showcase your collection to other players worldwide.

As you continue to explore the world of storage auctions, collect and hunt for unique and rare items that can be added to your personal collection. With each successful venture, you'll inch closer to becoming the ultimate storage auction tycoon and city-building simulator player.

Experience the exciting world of storage auction treasure hunting just like your favorite TV show personalities. Bid Wars offers incredible 3D visuals to let you examine every detail of your prized possessions. Plus, test your bidding skills in various auction styles, from risky blind auctions to fast-paced Dutch auctions. Be prepared for the unexpected twists and turns that await you on your journey to become a millionaire tycoon in this thrilling and addictive game. start your treasure hunt and pawn shop business empire now and become the ultimate treasure tycoon!
Release date
Nov 10, 2023
Single player